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Welcome to Capabiliti

This Learning Management System is jointly used by CHS, ACT Health Directorate and Calvary Public Hospital Staff.

Important Notice

Face-to-face education and training sessions are suspended due to the recent ACT lockdown from, 12 August 2021 to 15 October 2021.  It is critical we take every precaution during this time to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the ACT following public health advice and directions.

If you have any specific questions please contact Karen O’Brien or Deborah Moore via

Canberra Health Services

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Resources Resources
Capabiliti User Guide for Canberra Health Services and ACT Health Directorate Staff Capabiliti User Guide for Calvary Staff
Staff Development Unit Contact List   Extension #42258 Calvary email:
Performance Plan Guide Capabiliti User Guide for Trainers
Training Calendar
Important information related to education and training
Mandatory Training and Required Training (by work group) Matrix Mandatory Training Information for Managers
Mandatory Training Information for All Staff How to assign learning frameworks (Required training) instruction guide
Data entry information - for those with access How to assign learning frameworks (Required training) video

ACT Health Directorate

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